Seat Belt Laws

Do it right and you won't:

  • Collide with the windshield or steering wheel ­ where 38% of all crash victims DIE.
  • Lose control and crush other passengers ­ the cause of 20% of auto crash deaths.
  • Lose consciousness ­ so you can escape after the crash and help others if necessary.

7 in 10 people will be in a traffic accident in the next five years.

1 in 3 will be in a serious accident sometime in their lifetime

75% of the people who are thrown from a vehicle are killed.

Front seat passengers must wear safety restraints.

Children under age 4 must be in federally approved, properly secured, child safety seats

Children under age 6 must be belted in or ride in approved, properly secured safety seats.

It's The Law in Alabama

There is a Fine

It really hurts to hit the windshield or be thrown from a flipping vehicle.

You care about those you would leave behind

Because We Care

Double Your Chance to Survive

There's No Excuse Greater than Your Life

Without a belt, the injuries multiply!

Safety is a Snap. It's Up To YOU!

Buckle Up Alabama Chances Are

The Risks Add Up Every Time You

Get In the Car Buckle Up Right Low and Tight

Alabama Law Requires It

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