Aggressive Driving

Since its creation in October 1998, the Cool Operator Project has reached almost 20,000 people at almost 600 seminars on aggressive driving throughout Southern California. People who have been in a seminar include student drivers, teen and adult traffic school attendees, adult non-violators and mature drivers. Cool Operator provides information on the dangers and the emotional, legal and financial consequences of aggressive driving as well as offers tips on anger management and how to avoid the aggressive driver. The Project provides customized seminars to public and private agencies, non-profit groups, employers, driving schools and traffic schools.

Aggressive Driving - Cool Operator I

The Cool Operator I project was initiated in December 1998 and was operational until December 31, 2000. The project, hosted by the California Institute of Transportation Safety (CITS), San Diego State University, was one of the first of its kind, attempting to define aggressive driving and offer seminars to address these unsafe driving behaviors. Cool Operator I conducted 254 seminars, reaching 8,014 persons. Every driver age group was provided customized seminars to fit their needs. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of data on aggressive driving was also conducted which received considerable media attention. Cool Operator I laid the groundwork for future remedial measures in aggressive driving.

Aggressive Driving - Cool Operator II

The COOL OPERATOR II started in January of 2001. The goal of Cool Operator II is to conduct in-depth analysis into the nature of collisions defined by aggressive driving. The definition and collective understanding of aggressive driving varies as confirmed by the previous project work. Furthermore, the media has focused on road rage (the hostile aggression) more than aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is defined in this project as those selfish acts of driving (weaving and cutting, cutting cars off, tailgating) that can endanger others sharing the road with the perpetrator(s). Excessive speed (CVC 22350) is not automatically considered aggressive driving, but under present freeway conditions it could very well be associated with some elements of aggressive driving thus adding to unsafe conditions.

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