Bus Safety

The Pupil Transportation Unit focuses on the safety standards and training programs that will provide the safest means of transportation for children in school buses.

During the biennium, the New Hampshire School Bus Transportation Rules were updated to be in compliance with Federal Safety Standards and to incorporate many of the National Standards for School Buses.

The Handbook for the New Hampshire School Bus Driver was revised during this period to reflect the new rule changes, and to provide additional information on pupil transportation policies and regulations.

Annually, the Office of Pupil Transportation conducts motor vehicle and criminal record checks on approximately 2,500 school bus drivers to assure they meet state regulations.

Drivers are also required to meet training requirements that must be verified by their instructor and employer.

There are 2,134 school bus approved vehicles in New Hampshire that transport on a daily basis approximately 144,000 students to and from school.

The Unit works with parents, school districts, the school bus industry and other state agencies to ensure that students are transported safely.

New Hampshire has an excellent school bus safety record as a result to the cooperation of all those involved in school bus transportation.

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