Safety Materials

CODES is the acronym for Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System. New Hampshire is one of 23 states to be awarded CODES funding by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). CODES uses statistically-based techniques to link crash data with medical information, such as hospital discharge, emergency medical services and hospital emergency department data.

The system helps states by linking data so that it is available to them to identify specific crash, vehicle and behavior characteristics that lead to increased risk of injury severity and high health care costs in their states. Applications for this information then can be developed to support state-specific decision-making.

The NH CODES Project was unique from its inception because it focused on using project data to meet the day-to-day evaluation and planning needs of local communities and state agencies. This approach reflects New Hampshire’s common sense, pragmatic personality. All of the special studies and presentations developed by the NH CODES Project were in direct response to specific requests from local communities and agencies.

In addition to the special studies, we used 1995 and 1996 linked data to generate a variety of reports examining various crash factors and their relationships to injury severity, inpatient charges, and length of stay in the hospital. This project was a continual learning experience for all of the participating agencies and especially for those of us responsible for managing the grant.

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