266:60 Standards for Odometers. — No passenger motor vehicle designated as a 1972 or later model which is manufactured after January 1, 1972, shall be registered in this state unless it is equipped with a tamper-resistant odometer designed with the intent to reduce the likelihood of unlawful tampering with the mileage reading thereon. The director may adopt rules pursuant to RSA 260:5 establishing standards for such devices, which standards shall be consistent with provisions of federal law, if any, relating thereto. The director shall not require, as a condition precedent to the initial sale of a vehicle, the inspection, certification or other approval of such odometer if such device or equipment has been certified by the manufacturer as complying with federal or state law or rule.

Source. RSA 260:93. 1971, 533:1. 1981, 146:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

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