Drowsy Driving

You cannot drive as safely when you are tired as when you are rested. You do not see as well, nor are you as alert. It takes you more time to make decisions and you do not always make good decisions. You can be more irritable and can get upset more easily. When you are tired you could fall asleep behind the wheel and crash, injuring or killing yourself or others.

There are things you can do to help from getting tired on a long trip.

  • Try to get a normal night’s sleep before you leave.
  • Do not leave on a trip if you are already tired. Plan your trips so you can leave when you are rested.
  • Do not take any medicine that can make you drowsy.
  • Eat lightly. Do not eat a large meal before you leave. Some people get sleepy after they eat a big meal.
  • Take breaks. Stop every hour or so or when you need to. Walk around, get some fresh air and have some coffee, soda or juice. The few minutes spent on a rest break can save your life. Plan for plenty of time to complete your trip safely.
  • Try not to drive late at night when you are normally asleep. Your body thinks it is time to go to sleep and will try to do so.
  • Never drive if you are sleepy. It is better to stop and sleep for a few hours than to take a chance thinking you can stay awake. If possible switch driving tasks with another driver so you can sleep while they drive.

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