Drivers With Disabilities

Special license tab qualifies special plates for disabled parking

March 3, 2006

OLYMPIA — Citizens watching for the illegal use of disabled parking spaces might need to look a little more closely these days to know if vehicles are parked illegally.

The recent introduction of 18 new special license plates by the Department of Licensing may increase the use of special disabled parking tabs that allow these plates to be used like a regular disabled parking license plate.

These special tabs are similar in size and color to a regular year tab, but feature the Universal Symbol of Access to indicate the vehicle is entitled to use disabled parking spaces. These tabs, first issued on November 1, 2004, will only be found on special or personalized license plates. They can’t be used with regular license plates.

Because these tabs are relatively new and small in size, many citizens are not aware of them. The Department of Licensing recommends that citizens check the rear plate to see if this tab is present on a vehicle they suspect is illegally parked in a disabled parking space before reporting the vehicle to law enforcement or taking other action.

These special tabs were created by the state Legislature in 2004 to ensure that individuals that are qualified for disabled parking privileges but don’t like to hang a disabled parking placard in their car have the same special license plate options that are available to everyone else.

There are currently 215 vehicles registered with special disabled parking tabs.

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