Arizona Online Defensive Driving Course FAQs

How long is the Arizona Online Defensive Driving course?

The Arizona Online Defensive Driving course is a four-hour class. You can take the course completely online and finish at your own pace. The course is timed, so you must meet each module's minimum time requirement before you can proceed to the next section.

How often can I take the Defensive Driving course in Arizona?

If you are taking the course for ticket dismissal, you may take the course once every 12 months to keep points off your record and avoid an insurance rate increase. The 12-month eligibility period is based on violation dates and not the dates of course completion.

Can drivers with a commercial driver license take the Arizona Defensive Driving course?

No, you may not take this course for ticket dismissal purposes if you hold a commercial driver license (CDL).

How much does traffic school cost in Arizona?

The total cost of the Arizona defensive driving program includes the cost of your course and some additional court and state fees required by Arizona. The fees include a court diversion fee, a state fee and a state surcharge. State and court fees vary from county to county, but you can find a breakdown of your county's fees on the Arizona Supreme Court website.

How can the Arizona Defensive Driving course keep points off my record?

After you successfully complete an Arizona Supreme Court-certified defensive driving course, the court will prevent you from receiving the point penalty for one eligible violation. We will automatically report your course completion to the court.

Is there a deadline to complete the Arizona defensive driving course?

You must complete the Arizona Online Defensive Driving course no later than 7 days prior to the court date on your ticket.

What information do I need to provide to take the Arizona Defensive Driving course?

To take our online course, you will need to provide a copy of your:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Citation
  • Court order (if one has been issued)

Students are required to submit copies of the above documents by email, mail or fax before they start the course.

Which citations can be dismissed if I take the Arizona Defensive Driving course?

Most common moving violations, including speeding and failure to obey traffic signs, are eligible for ticket dismissal. Serious violations, such as those resulting in injury or death, are not eligible. You can take our course to dismiss one eligible violation. You can find a full list of eligible violations on the Arizona Supreme Court's website.

Can out-of-state drivers take the Arizona Defensive Driving course?

Yes. Drivers who received a ticket in Arizona but live in a different state should immediately contact an Arizona-Certified Defensive Driving School. You may take the class online or return to Arizona to complete the program in person. You're required to complete the course at least seven days prior to your court date.

What do I need to do after completing the Arizona Defensive Driving course?

We will report your course completion to the court once you finish the program. In most cases, you won't need to take any additional steps to dismiss your ticket and avoid points for an eligible violation.

However, some courts may require you to submit the completion certificate that we will mail to you upon course completion. Check with your court to find out more about its policies for the defensive driving program.

Is the Defensive Driving course the same as Traffic Survival School?

No. Traffic Survival School is a separate program for those who have committed serious violations that are not eligible for court diversion. The court may also order you to complete Traffic Survival School if you receive more than eight points on your record in less than 12 months.