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Online Traffic School

Defensive driving classes and traffic school are taken for many reasons, including:

  • Removing Points From Your License
  • Traffic Ticket Dismissal
  • Avoiding Insurance Increases
  • Fulfilling A Court Order

No matter what your reason is or what state you live in, we'll help you find the class that's right for you.

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Need an Insurance Reduction?

Insurance Reduction Courses

Did you know that you might be eligible for a decrease in your insurance rates just by taking a defensive driving class?

In many states you can decrease your rates as much as 10% for a period of up to 3 years by taking an approved insurance reduction class.

Benefits of the online insurance reduction class include:

  • Auto policy discount
  • Online course with 24/7 access
  • Log on and off as often as you like

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Suspended or Revoked License?

Suspended License Classes

If you've been ordered by a DMV or a court to attend an advance driver improvement or advanced defensive driving course as a part of the process to get your license back after a suspension or revocation, we can help you find the appropriate course in your state.

In many states, these classes can be different from basic defensive driving or point reduction classes, so it is important to make sure that the course you elect to take will meet the courts or DMVs requirements (as applicable).

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First Time Driver?

First Time Driver Classes

Our first time driver training courses have helped thousands of new drivers get their license. No matter what state you live in, you'll be able to learn important information that can help you stay safe on the roadways.

The First Time Driver Improvement Course has been proven to reduce the risk of traffic crashes for teenage drivers.

Select the state you live in and hit submit to learn more about your SafeMotorist First Time Driver course.

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Need Driver's Education?

Online Driver Education

So you're ready to trade in your learner's permit for your driver's license. But are your driving skills ready?

Take your driver's education course online to help you learn what you need to know behind the wheel. In some states, we have driver's education that will meet your classroom requirement to help you get your license. In other states, you'll find comprehensive training that helps teach you the basic driving skills that will help you reduce your chances of getting a traffic ticket or getting into an accident.

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Get Your Driving Record

Get Your Driving Record

A driving record can give you helpful information about your driving history, and is used for many different reasons such as:

  • References for Insurance Companies
  • Background Checks by Employers
  • Ensuring points have not wrongly been added to your license

We've compiled complete information about how you can get your driving record, no matter what state you live in. In many cases, these records can be obtained through the mail, or in person or via the internet for faster results.

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Traffic School In Your State

Still looking for the right Traffic School? Check out our Basic Driver Improvement courses in the following states:

Looking for a Driving Course?

Defensive Driving Courses
These courses typically are for students who got a traffic ticket or were court ordered.

Insurance Reduction Courses
In many states you can decrease your insurance rates by taking a driving course.

Suspended License Courses
Suspended or revoked license? These courses can help you meet your requirement to get your license back.

First Time Driver
These courses can help you get your learner's permit and is statistically proven to reduce the risk of crashes among first time drivers.

Driver's Education
This complete education course can help you learn everything you need to know before you get your driver's license.

The Safe Motorist Approach To Driver Training

Since creating the first state-approved online traffic school, video traffic school and CD-ROM-based traffic school in Florida in 2000, the American Safety Council has been at the forefront of interactive delivery of driver education.

To help give drivers more information and options, the American Safety Council created

This website is specially designed to incorporate the most up to date and comprehensive safe driver training and driver safety information available, to offer courses that meet the needs of all drivers in all states and to offer free training guides to help motorists improve their safe driving skills.