Seat Belt Law
MN Stat 169.686

•           Law applies to all front-seat occupants and all children under the age of 11 years regardless of position
•           Children over three and under 11 must be in a safety seat or seat belt (driver is responsible)
•           Belts must be used properly (lap belt snug over lap, not abdomen; strap across shoulder, not under arm)
•           Belts must be present as produced by manufacturer
•           Driver or passengers 15 years or older are subject to a $25 fine and may be cited separately
•           Driver must be stopped or detained for a moving violation before a citation can be issued
•           Driver may not be ticketed for a violation by a front-seat passenger over 11 and under 15 if the passenger is not the driver’s child


•           Persons driving in a vehicle in reverse
•           Person riding in a vehicle in which all seating positions equipped with safety belts are occupied by other people
•           Person who has in their possession a written certificate from a licensed physician stating that for medical reasons, wearing a safety belt is inadvisable
•           Person actually engaged in work that requires frequent alighting and reentering and who, while engaged in the work, travels in the vehicle at speeds no more than 25 m.p.h.
•           Person driving or riding in a vehicle made before 1/1/65
•           A rural mail carrier of the U.S. Postal Service while in the performance of duties
•           Person riding in a pickup truck (carrying capacity of 3/4 ton or less) engaged in normal farming work or activity

Instruction Permit & Provisional License Laws
MN Stats 171.05 & 171.055

•           A driver under 18 with an instruction permit or a provisional license must have every occupant under 18 in a seat belt or child passenger restraint system
•           Driver is subjected to a $25 fine and must be stopped for a moving violation before a citation can be issued

 Child Passenger Restraint Law
MN Stat 169.685

•           Children under four must be secured in a safety seat that meets federal safety standards
•           Safety seats must be installed and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions:
•           Child must be secured in the safety seat
•           Seat must be secured to the vehicle with a seat belt
•           Infants (under 20 pounds) must be in a rear-facing safety seat
•           Law applies to all motor vehicles originally equipped with factory-installed seat belts
•           Law applies to all seating positions
•           Driver is responsible
•           Petty misdemeanor fine for violation is $50 (may be waived if violator shows proof of obtaining a safety seat within 14 days)
•           Applies to both residents and non-residents of Minnesota
•           Suspected non-use is a valid basis to stop a motor vehicle


•           Children riding in emergency medical vehicles, when medical needs make use of a restraint unreasonable
•           Children riding in a motor vehicle for hire, including a taxi, airport limousine or bus, but excluding a rented, leased or borrowed motor vehicle
•           Children riding with a peace officer on official duty, when a restraint is not available (a seat belt must be substituted)
•           Children certified by a licensed physician as having a medical, physical or mental disability that makes restraint use inadvisable
•           Passengers in school buses


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