Ohio Online Driver Education

Driver Education Course

DPS-Approved Driver Education Course

To receive an Ohio driver license, students must complete 24 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training with certified driving schools.

First time Ohio drivers can now take their classroom driver education hours online! Instead of taking weeks in a classroom, you can complete your hours at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home.

Once you complete the first two hours of your Ohio Driver Education online course, you will receive a certificate of enrollment that will allow you to enroll in your behind-the-wheel lessons. Once you complete the online Ohio Driver Education course and your behind-the-wheel training, your behind-the-wheel driving school will issue you a Certificate of Completion that you can use to apply for your first Ohio Driver's License.

Online Ohio Driver Education students will learn the basics of driving and how safe driving and defensive driving maneuvers and practices can help prevent collisions.

Driver training topics include:

  • Your Responsibilities as a Licensed Driver
  • Motor Vehicle Operation Fundamentals
  • Maneuvering Tasks in Low and Moderate Risk Environments
  • Risk Information Processing
  • Driver Performance – Personal Factors
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle – Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle Systems and Performance
Benefits Of The Course
Ohio DPS-Approved Driver Education Course
100% Online — No boring classroom lectures!
Teaches defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques
Presents real driving scenarios to help new drivers evaluate risks
Gives new drivers the basic tools to know how to react in common driving situations
Provides essential tips for driving in adverse conditions

With 24/7 course access and student support, online driver education is a faster, cheaper and more convenient way to get on the road in Ohio!

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