New Jersey Traffic School and Driver Ed Courses

Defensive Driving

Keep points off your license with the Defensive Driving Course.

  • New Jersey MVC Approved
  • Reduce 2 points from your driving record
  • Mandatory insurance discount upon completion

Mature Driver

Earn an auto insurance discount for New Jersey drivers ages 55 and up.

  • Get up to 10% off your rate
  • Valid for any insurance provider
  • Retake the course to renew your discount

Driver Education

Gain skills and confidence as a new driver with our 30-hour Driver Ed course.

  • Prepare for your driver license exam
  • Learn how to avoid accidents
  • Study real-life driving scenarios

First-Time Driver

Learn about safe driving techniques and the risks of impaired driving.

  • Reduces the risk of alcohol-related crashes
  • Teaches defensive driving skills
  • Ideal for teens and young adults

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Defensive Driving Course?

The New Jersey MVC-approved Defensive Driving Course teaches you how to be a safer, more responsible driver. In addition, course graduates may qualify for a two-point reduction on their driving record and a three-year discount on their car insurance.

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Who qualifies for the Defensive Driving insurance discount and point reduction?

New Jersey drivers can reduce two points from their driving record and get a three-year discount on their insurance rate by completing the MVC-approved Defensive Driving Course. To qualify for the insurance discount, you must have an active New Jersey auto insurance policy and must not have taken a defensive driving course in the past three years.

To qualify for point reduction, you must have a valid, non-commercial New Jersey driver license and must currently have points on your driving record. You won't be eligible for point reduction if you completed a defensive driving or point reduction course in the past five years.

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How much will I save on my car insurance?

Graduates of the Defensive Driving and Mature Driver courses can save up to 10% on their auto insurance premiums for three years. Because the discounts are determined by insurance companies, you'll need to contact your provider to learn the exact amount.

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Who qualifies for the Mature Driver Course insurance discount?

Drivers ages 55 and up who have an active New Jersey auto insurance policy can qualify for a three-year discount on their insurance rate. You can retake the course every three years to renew your discount.

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Who should take the Driver Education Course?

The 30-hour New Jersey Driver Education Course is designed for teens and adults seeking their first driver license in New Jersey. This course prepares new drivers for their driver license exam and introduces them to safe driving techniques that can help prevent accidents. SafeMotorist makes it simple to complete New Jersey driving school online.

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Who should take the First-Time Driver Course?

The First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course is ideal for teens who haven't obtained a learner's permit and drivers with less than 100 hours of experience behind the wheel. The course curriculum is proven to reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents and may qualify the student for an insurance discount.

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