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Learn How to Become a Safe and Responsible Driver

The SafeMotorist 30-Hour Online Driver Education program covers essential knowledge for new drivers, including rules of the road, defensive driving strategies and the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle.

Prepare to ace your New Jersey driver license knowledge test the first time by studying nine driver training lessons, practicing hundreds of license exam questions and learning from real-life driving situations.

Course Topics Include:

  • Your Responsibilities as a Licensed Driver
  • Fundamentals of Operating a Motor Vehicle
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks in Low-Risk Environments
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks in Moderate-Risk Environments
  • Limited Access Driving Environments
  • Immediate Risk Information Processing
  • Personal Factors that Affect Driver Performance
  • Operating a Vehicle in Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle Systems and Performance

This 30-Hour Driver Education course is not intended to meet specific state requirements for driver education training. It is designed to reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents and train people of all ages to become skilled and confident drivers.

Who Should Take This Course?

The Driver Education course is designed for novice drivers of all ages. Whether you're a teen or an adult, this training will introduce the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle safely and prepare you for the New Jersey driver license knowledge test.

How It Works

The Driver Education course is a 30-hour timed program that you can complete online at your own pace. The convenient online format allows you to study anytime 24/7 and take breaks as often as you like. When you sign back into the course, you will automatically continue exactly where you left off.

The course is divided into nine learning units with multiple lesson quizzes throughout. Students must meet the minimum time requirement for each section and pass each quiz to advance through the course. Each unit ends with a 25-question quiz, and the course concludes with a 10-question final exam.

You have 180 minutes to pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher. Once you successfully pass your final exam, we'll send you a certificate of course completion via first-class mail.

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Course Benefits

  • Prepares teens and adults to pass their driver license exam
  • Teaches defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques
  • Demonstrates real driving scenarios and helps new drivers evaluate risks
  • Trains students how to react in common driving situations
  • Covers safety tips for driving on the highway and in poor weather
  • Includes lesson reviews and exercises to reinforce knowledge and skills

Is This Course State Approved?

SafeMotorist's 30-Hour Online Driver Education course is not intended to meet New Jersey requirements for driver education. This educational course introduces new drivers to safe driving strategies and assists in risk evaluation with the primary objective of preventing the serious consequences of traffic collisions. Completion of the course may assist students in preparing for the driver license exam.

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