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Road Travel and Safety Tips

Water Safety

Spring Break is in full swing, and now that you know how to travel safely, prevent skin cancer, and protect yourself at night we'll discuss staying safe in the water both in the spring and throughout the year!

The Science Behind Distracted Driving

A recent DMEautomotive poll found that drivers perform all kind of distracting activities, including reading an email or newspaper, flossing or brushing their teeth, changing their clothes, and taking photographs.

The Dangers of Pokémon GO

Pokémon have invaded reality — augmented reality, that is. Thousands of people who have "gotta catch 'em all" have been running into streets, private property, police stations, holes, robbers, and even a dead body since Nintendo released the new app Pokémon GO.

Sun Safety

Whether you're going on a trip or hanging out at home, spring break means spending time in the sun.

Spring Break Nighttime Safety

Last week we discussed staying safe in the sun, this week we discuss staying safe at night.

The Six Most Dangerous Holidays to be on the Road

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's a perfect time to brush up on the types of dangerous roadway conditions and safety precautions that are especially important around the holidays.

Safety Tips For Sharing The Road: Cyclists And Drivers

Healthy has become trendy and now bicycles are hitting the roads as people make a more economic commute.

Pet Safety Series — Heat & Summer Pet Safety

As the weather warms up across the country, our furry friends spend more time outdoors and can be especially at risk for heat related issues and illnesses.

New Years Eve Safety Tips

New Years Eve is a great chance to celebrate the year gone by and the coming of a new one. However, these celebrations also come with great dangers and responsibilities.

Memorial Day Safety

The official unofficial kickoff weekend for "pretty much almost might as well be summer"!

How To Survive A Flash Flood In Your Car

Flash floods and floods become an all too real possibility during the wet Spring months.

How To Drive In a Thunderstorm and Tornado

The short answer is that you shouldn't, but it's not always possible to avoid it.

Ralph Teetor and the History of Cruise Control

Cruise control is a wonderful invention that helps us avoid speeding tickets and gives our feet a break on long drives.

Turn Down That Noise! The History of Car Radios

Driving while listening to the radio is an iconic American pastime.

Drunk Driving Avoidance Tips For New Years

Because of drunk driving, every half an hour someone dies in a car crash.

How to Stay Safe on a Construction Site: Electrocution Hazards

Following the Fall Hazards Edition and the Struck-By Hazards Edition in our Fatal Four series, this week we will be covering Electrocution Hazards.

6 Apps That Help Prevent Texting While Driving

You keep hearing it, you may even see it, and now almost everyone in American with a smartphone knows that texting while driving is dangerous.

The Safest Cars of 2014

Find out what the safest cars of 2014 are according to the new IIHS standards, including a new type of crash test.

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Learn what road rage is, what causes road rage, view road rage statistics, and how to deal with road rage incidents such as aggressive driving and tailgating.

The Deadliest Days on the Road

This article lists the deadliest days, months and hours to be on the roadways.

How to Get the Best Gas Mileage out of Your Car

Find out the most effective ways to save on your fuel spending and increase your gas mileage.

The Safest Cars of 2013

Read about the top picks of 2013 that will keep you and your family the safest.

5 Essential Road Travel Tips You Don't Already Know

Discover the benefits to safe and smart traveling with these essential road trip tips.

How to Handle Vehicle Emergencies

Get tips on how to handle some of the most common vehicle emergencies.

Hydroplaning Basics: Why it Occurs and How You Can Avoid it

Learn the basics of hydroplaning, why it occurs and 10 useful tips to avoid it.

Preparing for Winter Driving — How to Drive in Snow and Ice

Get top advice for driving in ice and snow.

Distracted Driving

Learn about the consequences of texting and cell phone use while driving.

Traffic Laws

The History of Speed Limits in America: A Nation Speeding Up

Whether you appreciate them or hate them, speed limits are an important part of American history.

Disabled Driving: What to Know as a Driver or Family Member

Adults with disabilities are faced with many challenges throughout life, but fortunately, driving doesn't have to be one of them.

Florida Texting and Driving Ban Effective October 2013

A ban on texting and driving in Florida has passed and went into effect on October 1st 2013.

New Texas Traffic Laws in Effect

New Traffic laws took effect in Texas on September 1, 2013. Read about the changes to the laws so you can avoid costly traffic tickets.

Who Has the Right of Way?

Learn who has the right of way in common driving situations.

Driving and Cell Phones

Learn the laws about cell phone use while driving.

Do Traffic Ticket Quotas Really Exist?

Read about some local reports that suggest there might be truth to some of the rumors.

Signs, Signals, and Road Markings

Learn common traffic signs and road markings and what they mean.

The Driver's License Point System and How Licenses Get Suspended

Learnhow the driver's license point system works and how licenses get suspended.

Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

5 Reasons You Need to Check Your Tire Pressure (That You Don't Already Know)

Everybody knows that if your tire starts looking flat you need more air or else you might end up changing it for the spare.

New Statistics on Traffic Crashes, Seat Belt Use & More

Highway safety statistics and what they mean for motorists in the US. Arm yourself with knowledge to stay safe on the road.

5 Reasons You Need to Check Your Tire Pressure (That You Don't Already Know)

Learn how your tire pressure can help you prevent accidents and improve your gas mileage.

How to Care for and Use Your Vehicle's Safety Equipment

Learn how your car's safety equipment works and how to maintain it.

The Basics of Vehicle Safety Maintenance

Learn how the basics of vehicle safety maintenance to help you keep your vehicle in sound working order.

Airbag Basics

Learn the basics of how airbags work and what you need to know to remain safe during a crash.

The Effects of Traffic Crashes

Traffic crashes take their toll on society. Learn the statistics behind the effects of vehicle crashes.

Best Driving Practices

What First Time Texas Drivers Need To Know

A milestone in any American's life, getting a permit and driver's license is an exciting if daunting endeavor.

Enhanced Driver's Licenses — What They Are and Where to Get Them

Four states are already issuing what is known as Enhanced Driver's Licenses (EDLs).

How to Get a Car Insurance Discount in New York

Find out how every licensed and insured motorist in the state of New York can get a mandatory 10% car insurance discount online.

What is Defensive Driving

This article gives you all the basics of what defensive driving is, how it works and how defensive driving classes can help you reduce your risk of crashes and decrease the likelihood of getting a traffic ticket.

Defensive Driving Tips for Driving Near School Buses and Emergency Vehicles

Learn the laws and best practices for driving with approaching emergency vehicles and school buses.

Top Techniques You Can Use to Help Avoid a Crash

Learn how to recognize road hazards early and avoid a crash before it's too late.

How to Make Sure Your Car Seat is Keeping Your Child Safe

Learn the basics of child safety seats and the do's and don'ts to help keep your child safe.

The IPDE Method of Driving

Learn the IPDE method of driving to help you Identify hazards, Predict what might happen, Decide what action to take and Execute your decided upon action.

The Rules of Defensive Driving: When Approaching Intersections, Special Lanes and Ramps

Learn defensive driving techniques for intersections, special lanes and ramps.