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Summer is a time for new experiences and growth, and we're here to help teenagers take a significant step toward independence. SafeMotorist's drivers ed program offers a dynamic learning environment that blends practical driving skills with essential safety education. Designed with you in mind, our online courses provide flexibility, engagement and effective learning experiences. This summer, turn your free time into an opportunity to gain your driver's license and hit the road with confidence.

Our 100% online drivers education courses teach teens and new drivers to avoid accidents and stay safe and responsible on the road. In addition to preparing for your license exam, you'll learn about traffic laws, accident prevention, your responsibilities as a driver, safe driving techniques more. Understanding these components reduces the risk of collisions and traffic tickets and helps new drivers gain confidence in their ability to navigate the road.

Completing drivers ed training 100% online eliminates the hassle of classroom instruction and long, boring lectures. Learn at your own pace while exploring real-life driving scenarios designed to help you evaluate risks and avoid collisions.

Are you ready to pass the driving test for your license? Make sure you're fully prepared with our driving test checklist.

Who Need Drivers Ed Training?

In most states, drivers education is required for individuals under 18 who want to legally operate a vehicle. Our course is designed for new drivers of any age seeking education on how to drive responsibly, avoid accidents and adhere to traffic laws.

Benefits of Training with SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist's driver education program covers all the essentials of first-time driver training in one course. Students will benefit from assessing real driving scenarios and learning how safe driving habits can prevent accidents.

Our online drivers ed training offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Learn how to drive defensively and avoid accidents
  • Complete exercises and quizzes to better understand traffic laws and safe driving habits
  • Explore real-world driving scenarios to learn how to evaluate and manage risks
  • Get tips for driving safely in bad weather and other adverse conditions
  • Review examples of the right way to react to common behind-the-wheel hazards
  • Excellent option for teens and adults seeking their first license

In addition to drivers ed, you can choose from a variety of traffic safety courses such as defensive driving, traffic school, insurance reduction and more.

Benefits of Online Training

With our 100% online drivers ed courses, you'll never have to worry about integrating classroom work into your schedule or sitting through long lectures week after week.

You'll be able to work on the course any time you want with 24/7 access. Take breaks as often as you like without losing your place or saved work. SafeMotorist driver education training is easy to follow and an excellent option for new drivers of all ages.

Course Topics

Drivers ed course topics can vary from state to state, but all of SafeMotorist's courses teach vital concepts and skills designed to help novice drivers drive safely and avoid accidents.

Common topics explored in our drivers ed courses include:

  • Your Responsibility as a Licensed Driver
  • Motor Vehicle Operation Fundamentals
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Low-Risk Environments
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Moderate-Risk Environments
  • Limited-Access Driving Environments
  • Immediate Risk Information Processing
  • Driver Performance — Personal Factors
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle in Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle Systems and Performance
  • Signs, Signals, Markings and Intersections
  • Impact of Natural Laws on Vehicle Control
  • Vision and Perception Essentials
  • Appropriate Lane Management
  • Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Driver Fatigue and Aggressive Driving
  • Collision Avoidance and Highway Engineering
  • Vehicle Performance Considerations
  • Other Motorist Requirements
  • And More!

Select your state at the top or bottom of the page to learn more about the drivers ed program for your location.

Drivers Ed Training FAQs

Is drivers ed training a requirement?

Yes, many states require new drivers to complete a drivers ed program to be eligible to apply for a learners permit. Some states also require adults without a license to complete a course to learn the rules of the road and the basic responsibilities of drivers.

The SafeMotorist drivers education program may not satisfy specific requirements in every state, so be sure to check the requirements for your state. This educational course is designed to introduce new drivers to defensive driving strategies and assist in risk identification with the primary objective of reducing collisions. Completion of this course may also help new drivers prepare for the driver's license exam.

What are the course testing requirements?

Testing requirements can vary by state, but most courses include end-of-module quizzes and a comprehensive final exam. Select your state at the top or bottom of the page to learn more about specific testing requirements.

How many hours of drivers ed training do I need?

State-specific requirements for training hours can vary, so be sure to check drivers ed requirements applicable to your state. Our courses are 100% online and typically provide at least 30 hours of education for new drivers.