Traffic Safety Courses

Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses, also known as Traffic School, can reduce your ticket fines, keep points off your license, reduce insurance costs and even dismiss your trafic ticket. These courses vary state to state. Select your state below to see if you are eligible.

Insurance Reduction Courses

Depending on the state, you could receive an insurance discount by taking this online course. Select your state to learn more.

Suspended License Courses

Also called advanced driver improvement, this course is for those with a suspended or revoked license.

First Time Driver Courses

Looking for a learner's permit or to apply for your driver.s license? Select your state to learn more about the online drug and alcohol course.

Driver's Education Courses

Whether you need your driver's license, insurance discount or a refresher course, this online driver education course teachers you the universal rules of the road, tips on vehicle safety and driving in low to high risk environments. Qualifications vary state to state. Select your state to find out more.