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The SafeMotorist 30 Hour driver education program covers all the essentials of first time driver training in one interactive course. Students will benefit from viewing real driving situations and completing exercises that demonstrate how safe driving maneuvers can help prevent collisions.


Students will complete the following 9 driver training units:

  • Your Responsibility as a Licensed Driver
  • Motor Vehicle Operation Fundamentals
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Low Risk Environments
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Moderate Risk Environments
  • Limited Access Driving Environments
  • Immediate Risk Information Processing
  • Driver Performance — Personal Factors
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle — Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle Systems and Performance

At the end of each unit, students will work through a comprehensive exam that tests their understanding of the driving best practices they just learned.

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Benefits Of The Course

  • Teaches defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques
  • Includes Lesson Reviews and Exercises to help reinforce learned laws and maneuvers
  • Presents real driving scenarios to help new drivers evaluate risks
  • Provides essential tips for driving in adverse conditions
  • Gives new drivers the basic tools to know how to react in common driving situations
  • Great for Teens and Adults getting their first driver's license

Because the entire course including exercises is completed on your computer, you'll never have to worry about rushing back and forth between your house and a classroom or rearranging your schedule.

You'll be able to complete the course any time you want with 24/7 access and you can log on and off as many times as you like without losing any of your saved work.

SafeMotorist Driver Education is easy to follow and understand and a great training tool for new drivers of all ages.

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Idaho Safe Motorist Driver's Education

Note: SafeMotorist Driver's Education is not intended to meet specific state requirements. This educational course is designed with the new driver in mind to introduce defensive driving strategies, assist in risk identification and rejection by novice drivers, with the primary objective of reducing the serious consequences of traffic collision involvement. Completion of this course may also assist in the preparation for the driver's license exam.