Michigan Driver Ed and Traffic School Courses

Basic Driver Improvement

Keep points off your driving record and prevent a hike in your auto insurance rates.

  • Approved by the Michigan Department of State
  • Avoid points from traffic violations
  • Requires a letter of eligibility

Defensive Driving

Become a safer, better driver. This course may satisfy court requirements for traffic school.

  • Take court-ordered traffic school online
  • Court approval is required
  • Includes free instant certificate

Driver Education

Learn the rules of the road and master important skills with 30 hours of online driver's ed.

  • Practice for your written license test
  • Study real scenarios and learning activities
  • Designed for learners of all ages

First-Time Driver

Develop good habits behind the wheel and avoid impaired driving with this safety primer.

  • Perfect for teens and young adults
  • Reduces the risk of alcohol- and drug-related crashes
  • May reduce your insurance premiums

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Defensive Driving and Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC)?

While both courses focus on road skills and techniques that will make you a safer, more responsible driver, these two online programs are unique. While courts may require you to take a mandatory defensive driving course after a violation, the Basic Driver Improvement Course is optional.

BDIC is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to keep violation points off your driving record. Preventing a violation from appearing on your record can also prevent your insurance premiums from going up. You can only take a BDIC if you receive an eligibility notification from the Michigan court system.

The Basic Driver Improvement Course:

  • Requires a letter of eligibility from the court
  • Can be completed in about four hours
  • Can never be repeated
  • Is an optional way to improve your driving record

You can take our Defensive Driving Course to satisfy a court order, refresh your knowledge of traffic laws, pick up new safety tips and improve your road skills. You must contact your court and receive approval before starting your training.

The Defensive Driving Course:

  • Takes approximately six hours to complete
  • Can be taken voluntarily or to satisfy a mandatory court order
  • Can be repeated when necessary as a result of a traffic violation or to renew an insurance discount

Which online Michigan traffic school course should I enroll in?

You should take our online defensive driving course if you:

  • Were told in person by a court official that you must complete a defensive driving course to satisfy your court-mandated defensive driving requirement.
  • Would like to refresh your knowledge of traffic laws, improve your road skills and become a safer driver.

This course may be repeated later when it is ordered by a Michigan traffic court.

You should take our state-approved online BDIC if you:

  • Received a letter from the court stating that you are eligible to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course.
  • Have never enrolled in a Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course before.

You can only ever complete a qualifying BDIC program once, and only then with prior approval from the court.

How much can I save on my Michigan car insurance with these courses?

Insurance discounts are offered at the discretion of your coverage provider. Many insurers will give a discount ranging from 3% to 10% as part of a safe driving incentive program.

The Basic Driver Improvement Course and the First-Time Driver Course may qualify you for savings on your car insurance premiums. To check for eligibility and discount details, please contact your insurance provider.

Are SafeMotorist's online courses approved by the state of Michigan?

Our BDIC is approved by the Michigan Department of State. With court approval, the Defensive Driving Course will satisfy court requirements for defensive driving traffic school.

Our other courses are not intended to meet Michigan-specific requirements for driver education or driver improvement. These courses are primarily designed to teach safe driving strategies, sharpen risk assessment skills and minimize both the frequency and severity of traffic collisions.

If you wish to use one of our courses to satisfy a court-ordered traffic school requirement, please contact your court. To confirm eligibility for an insurance discount with BDIC or the First-Time Driver course, please contact your auto coverage provider.

Who should take the Driver Education Course?

While our drivers ed program is designed with teens and young motorists in mind, it is appropriate for new drivers of any age. This is a 30-hour course designed to teach the fundamentals of safe driving.

Students will develop a strong foundation in traffic laws, road skills, threat assessment and other crucial concepts. Completing this course is a simple, convenient way to prepare for your written knowledge test. Become a confident driver and prevent accidents with our comprehensive online Driver Education Course.

Who should take the First-Time Driver Course?

This online safety primer is designed for teens and other young drivers with little to no experience behind the wheel. It prepares young learners to deal with the dangers of impaired driving by avoiding alcohol and other substances. To further prevent accidents, this First-Time Driver Course teaches basic defensive driving principles.

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