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The SafeMotorist Driver Education Course offers 30 hours of comprehensive guidance for new drivers, focusing on defensive driving strategies, risk identification and collision prevention.

Train anywhere with internet access and tailor your learning to your schedule. The course does not expire, so you can complete it at your leisure.

Course Topics Include:

  • Defensive driving habits
  • Driving in hazardous conditions
  • Avoiding traffic collisions
  • The dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Your responsibilities as a licensed driver
  • Road signs, signals and markings
  • Motor vehicle operation fundamentals
  • Basic maneuvering techniques
  • Risk management
  • And more

This course is not designed to fulfill specific state requirements. It provides new drivers in Michigan with essential skills, promoting safe and responsible driving.

About the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course

This program teaches responsible driving skills, rules of the road, defensive driving techniques and more. Tailored to new drivers, the course highlights responsible driving skills, including defensive driving strategies, risk identification and the consequences of traffic accidents.

This 100% online training provides 24/7 course access, making it easy to learn at your own pace. The course automatically saves your progress, so you can log in and out as many times as you want.

The 30-Hour Driver Education Course provides:

  • Knowledge for safer and more responsible driving
  • Essential driving tips
  • Preparation for real-world challenges
  • Lessons suitable for both new drivers and adults
  • No strict schedule or time constraints
  • Confidence-building in a variety of driving environments
  • Support for diverse learning styles

Your completion certificate will be sent via First-Class Mail right when you finish the course and arrive in seven to 10 days. If you need your certificate sooner, you can purchase expedited delivery options.

Benefits of Choosing SafeMotorist

When it comes to your driver education needs, SafeMotorist provides a host of advantages that set us apart. We're committed to ensuring that you have the best experience while learning skills to become a responsible driver.

Skip the hassle of classroom learning and embrace a more flexible and accessible approach with a nationally recognized training provider. Train completely online and work through the interactive content at your own pace.

You may even qualify for a discount on your monthly car insurance bill when you submit your certificate to your insurance provider. Contact your insurance provider to learn more.

Course Details

The SafeMotorist 30-Hour Driver Education program covers all the essentials of first-time driver training in one interactive course. Students will benefit from viewing real driving situations and completing exercises that demonstrate how safe driving maneuvers can help prevent collisions.

Learners will complete the following nine driver training units:

  • Your Responsibility as a Licensed Driver
  • Motor Vehicle Operation Fundamentals
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Low-Risk Environments
  • Basic Maneuvering Tasks — Moderate Risk Environments
  • Limited Access Driving Environments
  • Immediate Risk Information Processing
  • Driver Performance — Personal Factors
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle — Adverse Conditions
  • Vehicle Systems and Performance

The final exam contains 10 questions, and you have 180 minutes to pass with a minimum score of 80%. If you don't pass the first time, don't worry — you have unlimited attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course?

The Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course is an 100% online course that teaches safe driving techniques, responsible practices and more to new drivers. While it is not a state-approved program, it helps prepare you for your Michigan drivers license exam.

This course covers topics including defensive driving strategies, risk identification and rejection techniques and consequences of traffic accidents. It is self-paced and can be completed from the comfort of your home, accommodating various learning styles and schedules. However, you must adhere to module timers to ensure you spend enough time in each section.

Who needs this course?

The Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course serves new drivers, including teenagers, adults and parents. It provides a detailed overview of safe driving techniques and is a valuable resource for anyone committed to becoming a responsible Michigan driver.

How long is this course?

This course is 30 hours long and contains course timers to ensure you spend enough time in each section. You cannot advance to the next section until you have met the timing requirements. If you have not met the timing requirements, you will receive a message that states the remaining time you must spend in each section.

Is this course state-approved?

No, this course does not meet specific state requirements. This course teaches a variety of driving techniques that will prepare you for the driver's license exam.

Can I use this course to prepare for the driver's license exam?

While the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course is not specifically designed as an exam preparation course, it provides knowledge that can enhance your readiness for the driver's license exam. The course's comprehensive content prepares you for the challenges of real-world driving, which is beneficial when taking the driver's license exam.

What are the testing requirements?

Testing requirements in the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course include lesson quizzes, unit exams and a final exam.

The lesson quizzes reinforce your understanding after each section. Students are expected to achieve a perfect score of 100% to proceed to the next lesson and are offered unlimited attempts. Lesson quizzes consist of 403 questions spanning 31 quizzes, and there is no time limit.

Unit exams require you to achieve a minimum score of 80%. Similar to lesson quizzes, students have unlimited attempts to meet this requirement. The course is structured with nine unit exams, each containing 25 questions, for a total of 225 questions across all unit exams. There are no time limits for unit exams, providing a flexible and stress-free testing environment.

The final exam has 10 questions. To successfully complete the course, you must obtain a score of 80% or higher. Although you have unlimited attempts to score 80%, the final exam has a time limit of 180 minutes.

Is the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course entirely online?

Yes, the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course can be completed entirely online. Participants can access the course from the comfort of their own homes using an internet-connected device. This online format provides the flexibility to learn at your own pace, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

What do I get when I finish the course?

Once you complete the course, we will process your completion immediately and send your certificate via First-Class Mail to the address they provided during registration. Delivery typically takes seven to 10 days.

Expedited shipping options are available for purchase during registration or after completing the course if you need your certificate sooner.

Does this course expire?

No, there is no expiration date. Once you enroll in the Michigan 30-Hour Driver Education Course, you have the freedom to complete it at your own pace without the pressure of an overall time constraint. However, the course includes module timers to ensure that you spend an adequate amount of time on each section. This helps you effectively learn the material while maintaining a self-paced learning experience.

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