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Online Training for First-Time Drivers

Empower yourself to stay safe on the road with the Michigan First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course for teens and new drivers. In just four hours, you'll learn to avoid accidents, adapt to your surroundings, manage stress and understand the effects of substances on your body.

Take this convenient online course from the comfort of your home and gain the knowledge and confidence to become a responsible Michigan driver. Start your journey toward safe and informed driving today.

About the First-Time Driver Course

The Michigan First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course covers more than just traffic laws and the basics of safe driving — it's proven to help prevent the tragedies of teenage alcohol-related traffic accidents.

A study on course effectiveness found that drivers ages 16 to 24 who completed a First-Time Driver course experienced significantly fewer instances of alcohol-related crashes than those who did not.

Our course allows you to train 100% online at your own pace within 90 days of purchase, making it easy to fit the program into your schedule. The in-course timers ensure you spend enough time on each topic, and the course saves your progress so you can log in and out as often you need.

Training with SafeMotorist

At SafeMotorist, we're dedicated to shaping responsible and safe drivers. Our training goes beyond the basics of traffic laws, instilling the knowledge, skills and mindset needed for a lifetime of effective driving.

When you choose to train with SafeMotorist, you're making a conscious choice to invest in your safety and that of others on the road.

Our training benefits include:

  • Learn 100% online
  • Unlimited test and quiz attempts
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Attentive customer support
  • Expert-backed content
  • And more

In addition, your insurance provider may even offer a discount on your monthly insurance premium if you take the course and provide your certificate of completion. Contact your provider to learn more.

Course Details

The four-hour Michigan First-Time Driver course includes seven modules, self-graded practice quizzes and a final exam. You have 90 days to complete the course from your purchase date, and each module is timed to ensure you understand the material in each section.

The lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: Course Overview
  • Lesson 2: The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Lesson 3: Physiological Factors
  • Lesson 4: Psychological Factors
  • Lesson 5: Societal and Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Lesson 6: The Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse on Driving
  • Lesson 7: Major Traffic Laws

The quizzes are not graded. They are a self-review to help check your understanding of each lesson before moving on to the final exam. The final exam is untimed and contains 25 questions. You must score at least 80% to pass the exam, and you have unlimited attempts to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a First-Time Driver course?

The First-Time Driver Course is particularly beneficial for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who are within their first 100 hours behind the wheel. This program provides new motorists with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for safe and responsible driving.

This course is also an excellent choice for adults learning to drive for the first time. It helps build driver confidence and competence. New drivers looking to gain a detailed education in traffic laws, substance abuse awareness and stress management will find this course invaluable in building confidence and expertise.

Is this course state approved?

The Michigan First-Time Driver course is not designed to satisfy state-specific requirements for driver education. With court approval, the program will satisfy court-ordered training following a traffic violation. In addition, insurance providers may offer insurance discounts to new drivers who complete this course. Please contact your local court or insurance provider for more information.

How long is the course?

The course is four-hours long and contains timed modules. You have 90 days to complete the course from the date of purchase.

What are the course learning objectives?

SafeMotorist's First-Time Driver Course is designed to reduce the risk of teenage traffic accidents, particularly those related to alcohol and substance abuse.

Through this course, you will:

  • Understand how fast the body absorbs alcohol and drugs, and how they affect the body
  • Gain skills to manage stress and emotional distress while driving
  • Explore the societal, legal and economic consequences of drug abuse
  • Comprehend how alcohol and other drugs can affect your motor skills
  • Familiarize yourself with DUI laws, basic traffic laws and situations where your driving privilege will be suspended, revoked or canceled
  • Learn how to adjust your driving in relation to your surroundings

Does this course provide a certificate?

Yes. Your certificate will be delivered by mail within seven to 10 business days. If you need a quicker option, we offer expedited delivery options for an additional cost. Instant email delivery, FedEx overnight and FedEx second-day delivery ensure you can access your certificate promptly and meet any time-sensitive requirements you may have.

Can I receive an insurance discount for completing this course?

Your insurance provider may offer a discount on your monthly insurance bill if you submit proof that you completed the First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course. The discount can range from 3% to 10%.

However, your eligibility and the amount of the discount is at the discretion of your insurance company. Please contact your provider to learn more about eligibility requirements and steps for redeeming your discount.

Will this training satisfy a court order related to a traffic violation?

If you received a traffic violation and were ordered to complete a drug and alcohol course by the court, this training may satisfy court requirements. Eligibility can vary depending on your location, so be sure to contact your local court to confirm this training satisfies all requirements.

Does the course expire?

You have 90 days from the purchase date to complete this course. If you don't finish within the 90-day timeframe, you need to repurchase the course and start over.

Can I request a refund?

If you have not yet attempted a test or exam, requested or received a certificate, or completed the course, you may be eligible for a refund. To request a refund, eligible students should submit their request in writing within 30 days of their purchase either via email or regular mail. Please include proof of purchase and an explanation for the reason you are requesting a refund.

If you've already started your course, a $5 administrative fee will be deducted from the refunded amount to cover processing costs. If you have questions before making a purchase, contact our support team or see our full refund policy.

Michigan First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course

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