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Online New Jersey Driver Education Courses

SafeMotorist's Driver Education courses give new drivers a convenient online option for learning the essentials of safe driving. Whether you're seeking a learner's permit or preparing for your license exam, you can learn at your own pace and become a safer, more responsible driver.

New Jersey Driver Education Course

Prepare for your driver license exam with our 30-Hour Driver Education Course. You'll learn about road signs and traffic laws, basic driving maneuvers, crash avoidance techniques and other essential skills and knowledge that keep new drivers safe behind the wheel.

New Jersey First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course

The First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course is proven to reduce the risk of alcohol-related crashes among teens and young adults. This four-hour online course covers the risks of impaired driving, defensive driving strategies and traffic laws that every driver must know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the SafeMotorist Driver Education courses state approved?

The Defensive Driving and First-Time Driver courses are not intended to meet specific state requirements for driver education training. These educational courses are designed to introduce new drivers to safe driving strategies, basic traffic laws and the life-threatening risks of impaired driving.

Completion of these courses may satisfy a court order or qualify students for a car insurance discount. Please contact your local court or insurance provider to verify.

Who should take the 30-Hour Driver Education Course?

The New Jersey 30-Hour Driver Education Course is designed for new drivers seeking their first license, including teens and adults. It provides a thorough education on the basics of safe driving and can help you prepare to pass the New Jersey driver license knowledge test.

What topics will I learn in the Driver Education Course?

The New Jersey Driver Education Course provides 30 hours of education on essential knowledge for new drivers. It covers a wide range of topics you'll need to know to pass your driver license exam.

Course topics include:

  • Driver responsibilities
  • Basics of motor vehicle operation
  • Understanding and mitigating risk
  • Highway driving
  • The effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Avoiding collisions
  • Protecting yourself and your passengers
  • Driving safely in poor weather conditions

The Driver Education course contains nine online lessons.

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Who should take the First-Time Driver Course?

The New Jersey First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course is ideal for teenagers seeking their learner's permit or new drivers who have less than 100 hours behind the wheel. The primary goal of the course is to reduce traffic accidents and alcohol-related crashes among teens and young adults.

What topics are covered in the New Jersey First-Time Driver Course?

The First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course includes four hours of training on the fundamentals of safe driving and the potentially fatal consequences of driving under the influence.

Course topics include:

  • The effects of alcohol and illicit drugs on the body
  • DUI laws and other consequences of impaired driving
  • How to manage stress, emotional distress and fatigue while driving
  • Basic traffic laws and right of way
  • Defensive driving techniques

The First-Time Driver Course is divided into seven online lessons.

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