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Online Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for Teens

The SafeMotorist First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol course is a four-hour program for teens and novice drivers that raises awareness of the dangers of impaired driving. You'll learn how alcohol and drugs affect the body and increase the risk of crashes and other serious consequences.

Understanding how alcohol, illicit drugs and over-the-counter medications affect your driving ability is critically important for new drivers. This course's curriculum is proven to reduce the risk of alcohol-related crashes among teenagers and young adults.

Completing the course may qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance rate or satisfy a court order following a traffic violation.

Who Should Take This Course?

The First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol course is designed for teenagers and young adults, including teens studying for their learner's permit and novice drivers with less than 100 hours of experience behind the wheel. New drivers face an elevated risk of accidents caused by speeding and lack of driving experience, and any amount of alcohol use can increase the risk.

What Topics Are Covered in the Course?

This training covers a wide range of topics related to drug and alcohol use, including:

  • The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Physiological Factors
  • Psychological Factors
  • Societal and Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Major Traffic Laws

You will also learn defensive driving strategies and tips for managing stress behind the wheel.

How It Works

The First-Time Driver course is a four-hour timed program that you can complete 100% online. You can access the course 24/7 and work on the lessons whenever your schedule allows. The flexibility of online learning allows you to complete the course in one sitting or split it into as many sessions as you like. You have 90 days to complete your training after registering for the course.

The course is divided into seven lessons with multiple ungraded quizzes to help you review course topics. Students must meet the minimum time requirement for each lesson and pass a final exam at the end of course. The final exam features 25 multiple-choice questions, and you must score at least 80% to pass.

Once you successfully pass your final exam, we'll send you a certificate of course completion via first-class mail. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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Auto Insurance Discount

Completing the First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol course may qualify you for a multi-year discount on your auto insurance premium. Your eligibility and the amount of the discount is at the discretion of your insurance company. Please contact your insurance provider to find out if you qualify.

Is This Course State Approved?

The First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol course is not intended to meet specific New Jersey requirements for driver education. This training may satisfy a court order following a traffic violation or qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance. Please contact your court or insurance provider to verify.

New Jersey First-Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course