The Driver's License Point System and How Licenses Get Suspended

Traffic Citation Point System

May states utilize a demerit point system as a means of keeping track of and identifying unsafe drivers and driving behaviors. Demerit points, once attained, remain on the driver's record for a certain period of years.

Some states grant safe drivers a way of accumulating safe driving points to be used as a way to offset future demerit points, if applicable. For instance, in some jurisdictions, one safe driving point may be earned per year if the driver has no violations or suspensions for the full calendar year; or safe driving points may be earned by successfuly completing a qualified driver improvement course.

Driver License Suspension/Revocation

Driver license suspension is the temporary removal of a person's driving privilege for a definite period of time. Driver license revocation is the cancellation and taking of a license until the driver is able to re-qualify. Driver license revocation is the termination of a driver license or driving privilege for an indefinite period of time. The driver's license may be restored when all requirements for the revocation have been satisfied.

What are the penalties for driving without a license?

If you are convicted of driving while your license is revoked or suspended, the court may revoke or suspend your license for an extended period of time and, in addition to any other penalties, possible jail time. Driving Safety Articles:
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