Aggressive Driving

§715.25. Width of tires and rate of transportation.

Any municipal corporation may prescribe the width of the tires of wagons, carts, drays, and other vehicles used in the transportation of persons from one part of such municipal corporation to another, or used in the transportation of coal, wood, stone, lumber, iron, or other articles in the municipal corporation.

Such municipal corporation may:

(A) Establish stands for hackney coaches, cabs, or omnibuses;

(B) Enforce the observance and use thereof;

(C) Fix the rates and prices for the transportation of persons and property in such coaches or other vehicles from one part of the municipal corporation to another.

HISTORY: RS §2671; Bates §1536-332; 66 v 222, §441; GC §3635; Bureau of Code Revision. Eff 10-1-53

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