Odometer Mileage Readings:

Federal and State laws require the Division to collect and validate the odometer mileage readings for most motor vehicles upon initial registration and title transfers. The Division also records vehicle mileage when a Delaware registered vehicle is inspected for registration renewal. The initial registration mileage and renewal mileage is maintained in a mileage history for every vehicle registered in Delaware.

Reporting of the odometer mileage disclosures assists in the detection of odometer tampering: The collection of this information provides consumers with an accurate record of the mileage affecting the retail value of the vehicle.

When do I report odometer mileage readings?

Odometer mileage readings are mandatory when:

  • A motor vehicle is initially registered or when the ownership is transferred, or
  • A new title is required for any reason, or
  • You renew your vehicle's registration

Are there any exceptions to the reporting requirements?

Yes, reporting the odometer mileage reading is encouraged, but not mandatory if:

  • The vehicle is 10 years old or older,
  • The vehicle is a commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle weight above 16,000 pounds,
  • The vehicle is a non-motorized vehicle

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