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Air bags and safety belts save lives. Everyone, especially parents and care givers, need to understand how to minimize the risk of their children. It is recommended that children 12 and under be in the center position of the rear seat. This is the safest place.

All drivers SHOULD be properly belted and sit as far away from the air bag as possible to allow the air bag to deploy. Drivers should move the driver's seat rearward to allow space between the driver's chest and the steering wheel, and the seat back should be tilted slightly. To the extent possible, the driver should hold the steering wheel from the side so that his or her arms aren't between the driver and the air bag. This arm positioning will allow the bag to depoly.

There are a third fewer fatalities to children who ride in the back seat - whether the vehicle has an air bag or not. The best way to protect children from the risks that air bags may pose, as well as from other crash related injuries, is to properly restrain children ages 12 and under in the back seat.

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