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Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Program


The Commission to Study the Safety and Security of Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings issued its report on January 21, 1994. These instructions are to define the responsibilities of the Diagnostic Review Team in addressing the types of improvements to be proposed as reflected in the commission's report and in the Rail Manual (Procedure # 725-080-002).


The Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Program has the overall objective of reducing the number and severity of crashes at grade crossings through the elimination of redundant grade crossings, installation of grade crossing warning devices, upgrading of the grade crossing warning device to a superior device, corridor reviews which evaluate roadway improvements to prevent motorists from driving around down gates, and new crossing surfaces.


The crossings to be reviewed for possible inclusion in the Work Program are:

A. Crossings in the North Florida AMTRAK corridor that were identified in the initial AMTRAK corridor review compiled in February/March of 1993. AMTRAK corridor crossings with Safety Index (SI) Priority Numbers of 800 or less must be included.

B. Crossings with a Sl Priority Number of 800 or less based on the Rail-Highway Crossing Inventory (RHCI) Data Base and meeting the following conditions:

(1) Not already scheduled for improvement, abandonment, or closure.

(2) Not recently (2 or 3 years) reviewed by a the Diagnostic Review Team with a recommendation for no improvement and notable changes in the train or highway vehicle operations or crash statistics exist. Documentation of the changes are required if an improvement is recommended.

C. Crossings identified by the District that meet one or more of the following conditions:

(1) Significant data errors in the RHCI that if corrected would result in the crossing having a SI Priority Number of 800 or less.

(2) Train-vehicle crashes in current year.

(3) Other crossings where identified safety concerns not considered in the SI priority are documented and the relative priority is equivalent to those crossings with SI Priority Numbers below 800.

(4) Various improvements may be needed to facilitate crossing closures. These improvements may include signal or surface installations, minor street repair or improvements, or other public improvements to procure crossing closure and facilitate changes in traffic patterns associated with the closure.

The Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Safety Improvement Projects are to be placed in the Work Program with adequate funding to construct the projects in the anticipated construction year. The estimates should be as accurate as possible to provide for funding the maximum number of projects. Completed Diagnostic Review forms with any supplemental documentation indicating the justification for actions to be taken are also due in the State Rail Office at that time. This documentation is required for all crossings with Sl Priority Numbers 800 or less and those to be programmed meeting the above criteria A or C.

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