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How May I Dispose of Waste Tires?

Waste tires are tires that have been removed from a motor vehicle and are no longer suitable for their original intended purpose. The statute excludes farm tractors and trailers from the definition of motor vehicles, so those tires are exempt. If you have doubts about how to dispose of exempt tires, the existing regulations are good guidelines to follow.

Waste tires may only be disposed of at a permitted solid waste management facility, which includes any facility permitted by DEP for the disposal of waste tires. Whole waste tires may not be disposed of at a landfill. Waste tires that have been cut into sufficiently small parts may be disposed of or used as a cover layer at a permitted landfill.

May I Store My Waste Tires?

Waste tires may be kept by a business without a permit if, as part of the business, you remove tires from motor vehicles and keep fewer than 1000 waste tires on the business premises. Most farms would probably fall under this definition. Once too many waste tires have accumulated, they must be disposed of properly.

May I Hire Someone to Haul Away My Waste Tires?

You may not hire a waste tire collector for transportation, disposal, or processing of waste tires unless that collector is registered with DEP. If you hire a waste tire collector to transport more than 25 tires per month you must maintain records. These records must include the date of transportation, number of tires, and registration number of the collector and the name of the driver.

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