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Welcome to New Jersey Defensive Driving

With our simple course, you'll learn defensive driving techniques, safe driving strategies, New Jersey traffic laws, and common factors in hazardous traffic situations. Our course material is effective and easy, with concepts presented in a user-friendly format. Log on and off whenever you like - the course saves your progress!

Completely Online

Our online course lets you skip the classroom and take the course from any desktop or laptop computer. Simply log in and study for as long as you'd like, then log off and your progress will be saved. Work when it's convenient for you instead rearranging your schedule for a traditional classroom course.

Each section of the course features relevant images, informative videos and interactive animations to make the learning process fun and engaging. The entire course is open book, meaning you can use any notes, resources, or course materials you'd like to aid you in answering our simple multiple-choice questions. We've made our NJ defensive driving course as effortless as possible!

Why Choose Our Course?

We've been helping drivers save money on auto insurance and clean up their driving records since 1996. With over 4 million graduates, our process is seamless. Reasons to choose our course include:

  • Our 100% online course is approved by the New Jersey MVC
  • Entire course is easy and open-book
  • Take every section until you pass
  • We send your completion information directly to the MVC
  • Fast and free delivery of your Certificate of Completion
  • 24/7 customer support

New Jersey Traffic Tickets and Points

New Jersey traffic tickets are no fun. The State of New Jersey wants to make sure that all NJ drivers understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. One way that they go about sending this message is by penalizing you for every ticket you receive by adding points to your New Jersey driving record. Each moving violation carries a specific Number of Points. Unlike most situations, having points on your driving record is not a good thing. Too many points can lead to some serious consequences, including costly Surcharges or even Suspension of your driving privileges. These points can also cause auto insurance rate increases. Unfortunately, as hard as we might try, it's almost impossible to avoid receiving a New Jersey traffic ticket at some point. So what can you do?

The New Jersey MVC will remove points from your record for a couple of different reasons. These reasons include:

  1. Remove 3 points by going one full year with no violations or suspensions
  2. Remove 2 points by completing a NJ defensive driving program

Of these options, taking our New Jersey defensive driving course is clearly the quickest, easiest way to clean up your driving record. You'll also get the added bonus of receiving up to 10% off your auto insurance and becoming a better, more confident driver.

Benefits of New Jersey Defensive Driving Programs

Wondering why you should Enroll in our defensive driving course? NJ drivers can reap some great rewards by completing our easy and convenient course. The benefits of attending our course include:

  • A reduction of up to 2 points on your New Jersey driving record
  • Up to 10% New Jersey auto insurance discount
  • Knowledge that will make you a better, more confident driver

With benefits like these, Signing Up for our course right now should be a very easy decision!

New Jersey Defensive Driving Eligibility

Trying to figure out whether or not you are eligible to take an NJ defensive driving course? Since this program is offered on a voluntary basis, the requirements aren't very strict. While you must have a valid driver's license, the only other requirements concern the frequency with which you may complete the course for point reduction or an insurance discount. If you want to remove points from your New Jersey driving record, you may do so once every 5 years. If you are looking for an auto insurance discount, you may take the course for the first time whenever you would like to. You may repeat the course every 3 years after your first time to keep your discount active.

Getting Started

To begin the process, simply Register for our course. In just a few minutes you'll be ready to begin the course. Or, start the process with a quick phone call. Our friendly defensive driving experts are standing by to set you up over the phone or help you out in any way!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most frequently asked technical and general questions here, plus you can contact us via phone or live chat!