Highway Emergencies Using Cellular Phones * HP (or *47)

"*HP" (or *47) is a cellular telephone network providing direct access to Alabama state trooper posts. By dialing "*HP" (or *47) for Highway Patrol, motorists with cellular phones may contact Alabama state trooper posts to report traffic accidents, highway emergencies, stranded motorists, suspected drunken drivers or other major hazards.

Alabama state troopers are pleased to bring this valuable highway safety initiative to Alabama and appreciate the cooperation of cellular phone companies in making this public service program possible at no cost to the caller.

The "*HP" network provides a quick, easy method of reporting highway incidents. As a result, trooper response time is reduced and emergency personnel may render aid in a more timely manner.

The program is operational in most areas of the state, and other providers are expected to participate in the future.

If your cellular phone company is not a part of this valuable service, please ask the company to call (334) 242-4445, DPS Headquarters, Montgomery.

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