Speed Limits on Alabama Roads

YearSpeed LimitRoads/Vehicles Affected
Prior to 196360 MPH--All roadways
 50 MPH--Trucks over 3/4-ton
--At night (all vehicles, all roadways)
1963 - 197470 MPH--Interstates, selected four-lane
 60 MPH--All other roadways
--Trucks over 3/4-ton
--At night (all vehicles, all roadways)
1974 - 198755 MPH--All roadways, all vehicles
July 1987 - May 199665 MPH--Rural interstates
 55 MPH--Urban interstates
--All other roadways (except rural interstates)
May 20, 199670 MPH
65 MPH
55 MPH
45 MPH
--Roadways with four or more lanes
--Other roadways unless otherwise marked
--County roadways unless otherwise marked
  --Speed limits on all non-paved county roads are 35 mph
--Speed limits in residential areas are 25 mph
--Speed limits in school zones are 15 mph
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