Seat Belt Laws

Kentucky Seat Belt Laws

No person shall operate a motor vehicle manufactured after 1965 on the public roadways of this state unless the driver and all passengers are wearing a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt.

The driver is responsible for assuring that himself and all passengers in the vehicle are properly restrained.

Failure to wear a seat belt is a secondary violation. A uniform citation for a seat belt violation may be issued only if an officer has cause to stop the person for reasons other than a violation of the seat belt law.

Any person who violates the provisions of Kentucky's Seat Belt Law shall be fined an amount not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25).

How to Wear a Seat Belt

In addition to the law, safety experts recommend the following guidelines to keep motorists as safe as possible:


  • Always wear lap belt low and snug.
  • Always wear shoulder belt snug across chest, never across face or throat.
  • Keep back of vehicle seat in upright position.


  • All children should stay in child seat until their weight reaches 40 Lbs.
  • Use approved booster seat after child reaches 40Lbs. and continue use of booster seat until the seat belt fits properly.
  • Use shoulder and lap belts whenever possible provided shoulder belt crosses collar bone, not face or throat.
  • Do not allow child to sit on a pillow.
  • If lap/shoulder belt is not available, lap only belt should be worn as low and snug as possible.


  • Wear lap belt below abdomen.
  • Wear shoulder belt across chest.
  • If your seat belt is too short, consult auto dealer for seat belt extender.


  • Under arm
  • Across throat
  • Loose
  • Over face

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