Safety Materials

The following Safety Videos are available through the State of New Hampshire:

M-01 Road Rage: How to Protect Yourself

15 min. Drivers of All Ages National Safety Council-FLI Learning Systems

This video presentation highlights common situations that can cause conflicts between drivers including tailgating, cutting in and out of traffic, driving too slow, running red lights, forcing a merge at the last minute, getting stuck behind double parked vehicles, making hand gestures and attempting to "get even" with other drivers. The video offers tips for defending yourself against "road rage" by keeping your own anger in check and how to avoid becoming a victim of another driver's anger.

M-02 Taking the Lead- Student Traffic Safety

12 min. High School/College

This is an advanced alcohol and seat belt program geared towards high school and college-age students.

M-03 Young Drivers- The High Risk Years

14 min. Teens/Adult (Parents)

This video contains interviews with 16-year-olds that tell why they want their drivers' licenses and what it means to them. Parents of young drivers who died in crashes tell how the tragedy happened and how it has affected their lives. The video focuses on graduated licensing, a policy measure to reduce the number of young driver fatalities.

M-04 You're in Control Y.E.S.

Youth Education and Safety

M-05 ABS Don't Let Up

AAA All Ages 2 Copies

This video contains footage of driver education students during simulated emergency situations in a car with ABS brakes and in a car without the ABS braking system. Outline for program included.

M-06 Anti-Lock Brakes

Drivers of all ages.

An informational tape that demonstrates and explains all aspects of ABS operation. Learn how the system works and how to take advantage of its capabilities.

M-07 The Choice is Yours

M-08 On Country Roads

20 min. Drivers of all ages.

This video features safe driving habits needed while driving on country roads.

M-09 Get a Grip...Wet Weather Driving Techniques

15 min. All Ages Driver Education and Programs

The purpose of this video is to help drivers understand the risks involved in driving on wet roads and how to reduce the chance of injury, damage or loss. It focuses on three areas: reduced visibility, reduced traction and hydroplaning, and skid detection and recovery.

M-10 Get Started in Blading

Level 1

M-11 Heads Up at the Wheel

10 Min. Drivers of all ages.

This is an educational video on drowsy driving. The video contains information on drowsy driving costs, warning signs and prevention strategies. Includes footage of driving.

M-12 Ready, Set... Winter, Drive Safely on Snow and Ice

All Ages AAA

Video instructs how to prepare your vehicle for harsh winter weather. It describes several situations and explains how to handle common winter driving problems.

M-13 Road Remedies

23 min.

A program illustrating crashes involving hazardous materials.

M-14 Skateboard Riding Tactics

15 min. 9–15 year olds

A review of the skills needed to ride safely off the street, as well as issues to be considered when selecting a safe place to ride on the street.

M-15 The Talking School Bus

M-16 Valvoline National Driving Test

M-17 Winter Driving Tactics

14 min. High School/Adult

Program teaching winter driving habits. How to prevent problems and emergencies. Instructs on what to do in case of an emergency.

M-18 Winter Driving Update

15 min. High School/Adult

This program teaches safety precautions for winter driving from preventive measures to what to do in case of an emergency situation.

M-19 The Older Wiser Driver

22 min. Adult

This program teaches that aging is an inevitable part of life. But growing older does not have to mean giving up an active lifestyle. Traffic safety is important. Older drivers experience physical changes that may affect their driving ability. These include: vision, cognition, fitness and medication. With the few simple strategies discussed in The Older Wiser Driver video, drivers can continue to drive safely.

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