The Bureau of Transportation Planning is comprised of several sections:

Geographic Information Systems:

The GIS Section is responsible for developing and maintaining the transportation related data layers and base map, and providing transportation mapping products to NHDOT, other state agencies, municipalities, and the general public.

The Section is also responsible for storing an inventory of physical features and other assets associated with all public roads in the state and making the information available for mapping, analysis, and decision making. The Section also reports the results of the inventory to various state, local, and federal agencies, and provides highway related information to the general public.

Additionally, the GIS Section maintains an archive of various aerial photographic products dating back to the 60s, and has the ability to provide copies of those photos.

Traffic Data Collection:

The Traffic Data Collection section includes the collection of volume, vehicle classification, speed and weight data on State and Town roads, including interstates, turnpikes, rural roads, and city streets. Collection sites include:

  • 55 permanent stations continuously collecting volume data on a year 'round' basis.
  • Approximately 6000 temporary sites where collection is done for several days on a 3 year collection cycle (2000 sites per year).
  • 3 weigh-in-motion sites which continuously collect volume, classification, speed, and vehicle weight data, for research and pavement design purposes.
  • Manual intersection turning movement and classification counts on an as-needed basis for highway design purposes.
  • The data is analyzed and used for highway design purposes, federal and state reporting requirements, and determining statewide and local traffic growth patterns. A yearly processing of the data produces average daily traffic figures which are available to the public on the NHDOT web page ( in the Business Center's information for Engineers, Contractors, and Consultants section.

Financial Analysis and Reporting:

The Financial Analysis and Reporting section provide general and detailed financial and project related information to a number of internal and external customers in many formats (including report, brochure and graphical formats (maps)).

The Financial Analysis and Reporting section act as the liaison between the NHDOT and Federal Highway Administration/Federal Transit Administration (FHWA/FTA) for the securing of federal funds on active projects. They track and assist in the development of the Ten Year Transportation Improvement Program, STIP and other related documents and ensure that all related programs meet all necessary regulations in a timely manner.

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