266:27 Brakes Required. — Every motor vehicle driven upon the ways of this state shall be provided with adequate brakes in good working order and sufficient to control such vehicle at all times.

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266:27-a Parking Brakes Required. — Every motor vehicle and combination of vehicles except motorcycles, farm tractors and mopeds, shall have a parking brake system adequate to hold the vehicle or combination of vehicles on any grade on which it is driven under all conditions of loading on a surface free from snow, ice or loose material, and which shall comply with performance standards issued by the director by rule adopted pursuant to RSA 260:5.

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266:28 Brake Performance. — Every motor vehicle and every combination of motor vehicle with trailer or semi-trailer when driven upon the ways of the state shall at a speed of 20 miles per hour be capable, at all times and under all conditions of loading, of stopping on a dry, smooth, approximately level pavement free from loose material, upon application of the foot or service brake, within a distance of 30 feet.

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