Work Zones

RIDOT Shares Safety Tips for Motorists in Observance of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

April 3–9, 2005
Dated: 4/4/2005

In observance of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week (April 3-9, 2005) officials from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) are sharing the following basic safety tips for motorists who travel through work zones:

  • Drive within the posted speed limits;
  • Dedicate full attention to the roadway;
  • Disengage from distracting activities, such as changing radio stations and especially using mobile phones;
  • Pay close attention to merge signs, flaggers, and don't change lanes within the work zone;
  • Watch out — not only for workers in the zone, but also for their equipment; and,
  • Turn on the vehicle headlights to become more visible to workers and other motorists.

“Those who choose to speed in work zones are not only taking their own lives in their hands, but those of other motorists and our highway workers as well. By simply slowing down and paying better attention, motorists can move safely through a work zone without incident,” said RIDOT Director James R. Capaldi, P.E.

Last week, RIDOT remembered six former RIDOT employees that had been killed within work zones since 1968. “There is no reason why we should lose another worker, family member or friend,” added Capaldi. “We urge all Rhode Islanders to do their part to ensure that no additional lives are lost.”

Each year, approximately 900 people are killed nationally in roadway work zone accidents. This includes not only roadway workers, but also law enforcement officers and public safety officials, such as firemen and emergency medical technicians. Motorists and their passengers, including children, die in disproportionate numbers as well.

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