Work Zones

SCDOT and its partners are launching a new, proactive initiative to reduce work zone crashes and fatalities in South Carolina: a High Visibility Enforcement Campaign for Work Zone Safety.

During the last five years, almost 10,000 traffic crashes have been reported in work zones in South Carolina, resulting in thousands of injuries. In the last five years, 88 people have died in work zones in our state – 88 people who didn't make it home to see loved ones. Last year alone, preliminary figures indicate that 21 people were killed in our work zones.

For a small state, this is an extremely high number of deaths. The sad fact is that these 88 deaths and the thousands of crashes were totally preventable. They were the result of motorists who were speeding through work zones and/or driving under the influence of alcohol. There were thousands of injuries reported in work zone crashes, and the number of crashes is continuing to increase. Changing driver behavior in highway work zones can also help to improve safety throughout the highway system.

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