Drivers With Disabilities

The following limitations, restrictions and prohibitions apply to parking of motor vehicles including those vehicles operated by or on behalf of persons authorized disabled parking privileges:

  • When parking in spaces reserved for the physically disabled, the disabled person must exit and enter the parked vehicle.
  • When a city council of a 1st or 2nd class city enacts an ordinance imposing a 3-hour or less limitation on parking of a motor vehicle used by a physically disabled person upon any portion of a street, highway or parking facility reserved by the city for physically disabled persons by official traffic sign indicating the limitations or restrictions. To enact such an ordinance, the city council must comply with specific conditions pursuant to section 346.50(3m)(b)1 through (b)5, Wisconsin Statutes.

Prohibited: Fraudulent reproduction, procurement, alteration or use of a disabled parking identification card or disabled license plates. Persons violating the aforementioned shall forfeit not less than $200 nor more than $500 per incident and the disabled identification card and/or disabled license plates may be cancelled and ordered to be returned to the Department of Transportation (WisDOT).

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