Mature Drivers

Fact: There are nearly 25 million people age 70 years and older in the United States.

This age group makes up approximately 9 percent of the total U.S. Population but accounts for close to 14 percent of all traffic fatalities and around 18 percent of all pedestrian deaths annually.

Death rates per vehicle miles traveled (VMT) are four times the 30-59 year old age group. Older drivers do not crash more, but they are more likely to die from crash injuries.

Older Americans, age 70+, are a growing segment of the country's residents. In the past 10 years, this segment of the population grew twice as fast as the total population.

There is a need to help aging individuals recognize their changing abilities and adapt their driving and walking practices appropriately, as well as a necessity to identify, assess, and regulate older drivers with diminishing abilities who cannot or will not voluntarily adapt their driving habits.

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