Child Seats

Wisconsin has recently issued a new child safety seat law that goes into effect June 1st, 2006.

There will be a 6-month grace period in which written warnings may be issued for any child passenger violations (under Wisconsin Statute 347.48(4) ). The grace period ends December 31st, 2006.

Citations may be issued starting in January of 2007

Second and subsequent violations during the grace period are citable.

In basic terms:

  • Children must be in a car seat until they reach age 4 and in a booster seat until they reach age 8
  • Tiered structure now applies:
    • Less than 1 year old, or less than 20 lbs. must be in a rear-facing child seat in the back seat (if so equipped)
    • Age 1 to age 4, or less than 40 lbs. must be in a forward-facing child seat in the back seat (if so equipped)
    • Age 4 to age 8, between 40-80 lbs., and no more than 4 ft. 9 ins. must be in a booster seat
    • The fines remain the same, although tiered for ages 0-4 and ages 4-8
  • The exemption allowing temporary removal of a child from a restraint to attend to personal needs has been removed
  • The exemption for physical, medical or body size condition still applies to booster seats and seat belts

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