Pennsylvania Online Driver Education

Our 30-hour Driver Education Course covers all the essentials of first time driver training in one interactive course. Students will benefit from the course's short, open-book, multiple-choice quizzes and the ability to take the final exam until passing.

Students will complete the following 17 training units:

  • Chapter 1: The Pennsylvania Driver's License
  • Chapter 2: Financial Responsibility
  • Chapter 3: Traffic Controls
  • Chapter 4: Pennsylvania Traffic Laws
  • Chapter 5: Required Vehicle Equipment
  • Chapter 6: Maintenance and Safety Equipment
  • Chapter 7: Defensive Driving
  • Chapter 8: Sharing the Road
  • Chapter 9: Driving Environments
  • Chapter 10: Hazardous Conditions
  • Chapter 11: Emergency Situations
  • Chapter 12: Attitude is Everything
  • Chapter 13: What's the Deal with Alcohol and Drugs
  • Chapter 14: Effects of Alcohol on Driving
  • Chapter 15: Making Your First Car Purchase
  • Chapter 16: Know Your Vehicle
  • Chapter 17: Driving in Traffic

In each unit, students will work through multiple-choice quizzes that test their understanding of the driving best practices they just learned.

Benefits Of The Course

  • Auto Insurance discount eligibility
  • Acquire key defensive driving skills and traffic safety awareness
  • Study at your own pace
  • Free Completion Certificate

Because the entire course including exercises is completed on your computer, you'll never have to worry about rushing back and forth between your house and a classroom or rearranging your schedule.

You'll be able to complete the course any time you want with 24/7 access and you can log on and off as many times as you like without losing any of your saved work.

Teen Online Driver Education is easy to follow and understand and a great training tool for new drivers of all ages.

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