Connecticut OPERATION LIFESAVER (CTOL) is a free service that provides an active public education program. CTOL is dedicated to preventing and reducing incidents at highway-rail grade crossings, and to make the public more aware of the dangers encountered when trespassing on railroad property. We are part of a national program known as "OPERATION LIFESAVER" (OL). Both CTOL and OL are non-profit organizations.

Hundreds of people are killed and thousands are seriously injured each year in the United States at highway-rail grade crossings and at other locations along railroad tracks. Many people are unaware that trains cannot stop quickly to avoid collisions. Others take chances by ignoring warning signs and signals, going around lowered gates, stopping on tracks, or simply not paying attention when approaching highway-rail grade crossings. Many people make the fatal mistake of choosing railroad tracks as shortcuts or as places to walk or run for recreation. They simply don't realize how quickly a train can be there until it's too late and there's no escape. Unfortunately, on the average of every 90 minutes somewhere in the United States, there is an incident at a crossing or along a railroad right-of-way. Operation Lifesaver programs educate the public by providing vital information so these tragedies can be reduced and prevented.

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