Safety Seats

Children under 4 year old riding in a motor vehicle must ride in a child safety seat. The driver is held responsible for compliance with the law. Violators of Hawaii's Child Passenger Restraint Law are required to attend a four-hour class and may be assessed a fine of between $100 and $500, depending on the number of offenses. However, the most compelling reason for using a child safety seat is the life of your child.

The Facts:

  • Car seats are highly effective in preventing injury and death to children.
  • For children 4-8, booster seats are recommended for their best protection.
  • Vehicle seats and seat belts are built for the comfort and safety of adults, not to safely secure a child. Read your vehicles' owners' manual and the instructions that come with your child safety seat to learn how to properly install your child seat, or drive to the nearest car seat checkup. For the date and time of the next checkup, call 586-5940.
  • Never place an infant in a rear-facing car seat in front of an airbag. It can cause serious injury or death.

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