School Buses

§8-28-6 Passenger Safety code. All students riding school buses shall abide by the following requirements.

(1) At the designated school bus stop and while boarding, students shall:
(A) Not bring children who will not be passengers on the bus or animals to the bus stop;
(B) Be on time at the designated school bus stop to help keep the bus on schedule;
(C) Stay off the road while waiting for the bus and conduct themselves in a safe manner while waiting;
(D) Refrain from loud talking at bus stops which may disturb nearby residents;
(E) Refrain from littering or defacing property at bus stops;
(F) Line up in an orderly, single file and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus;
(G) Walk on the side of the road facing traffic to get to the bus stop if there are no sidewalks;
(H) Not bring articles on the bus that may cause injury to passengers or carry on articles which cannot be stored safely;
(I) Use the handrail and watch their step when boarding the bus.

(2) While on the bus, students shall:
(A) Keep hands and heads inside the bus at all times;
(B) Refrain from loud talking and laughing which may divert the driver's attention and result in a serious accident;
(C) Treat bus equipment as valuable furniture. Damage to seats,windows, and other equipment shall be paid for by the offender or the offender's parent;
(D) Not eat or drink any beverages on a regular trip to and from school unless necessary for medical reasons;
(E) Refrain from tampering with the bus or any of its equipment;
(F) Keep books, packages, coats, and all other objects out of the aisle;
(G) Remain in the bus in case of a road emergency, unless directed to do otherwise by the bus driver;
(H) Refrain from throwing anything out of the bus window;
(I) Remain in their seat while the bus is in motion;
(J) Refrain from smoking, drinking, gambling, fighting, or any other behavior that will endanger health or morals; and
(K) Obey the driver.

(3) When leaving the bus and crossing streets, students shall observe the following procedures:
(A) Students shall not leave the bus at other than their regular bus stops unless proper authorization has been given in advance by the school principal;
(B) Use the handrail and watch their step when getting off the bus
(C) At bus stops where the activation of the four red alternating flashing lights on the bus is prohibited by State law, students shall cross at nearby crosswalks or intersections. If there are none nearby, students shall wait until the bus leaves the stop and look at both sides of the street to see that there are no vehicles approaching before crossing. Students shall avoid crossing at curves or hills or locations where visibility of oncoming vehicles is limited;
(D) At bus stops where the activation of the four alternating flashing lights on the bus is required by State law or county ordinance, students shall walk twelve feet in front of the bus and look to see if the alternating red lamps on the top portion of the school bus are flashing. If the lamps are flashing, they shall look at the driver and wait for the driver to give the signal to cross. If the red lamps are not flashing, students shall not cross the street and shall notify the driver that the red warning lamps are not working and ask the driver for assistance in crossing the street.

(4) Students shall ride designated buses at specified times and locations assigned. [Eff. 11/15/84; am JUL 20, 1989] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112)(Imp: HRS §§286-181, 302A-1112)

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