Overall Research Conclusions:

Some of the areas addressed in the research included broad areas related to traffic safety that were not directly associated with the four major study areas, however these are supplemental issues that impact the four areas. Here are the major conclusions:

Overall traffic fatalities have reMained fairly constant since 1994, however there are still too many and the number of fatalities for 2004 is likely to be higher than for 2003.

Hawaii’s roads are getting more crowded.

In the past twelve years the number of licensed drivers have increased by19%. There are 1.2 vehicles per licensed driver.

Drivers are not necessarily familiar with Hawaii driving rules – formal as well as informal.

Only 55% of Hawaii residents were born in Hawaii.

Interim testing at the time a Driver’s License is renewed is no longer required; therefore it is unclear how people know what the rules are especially if they have changed since they first received their license or if they are from another State.

People believe the major causes of traffic fatalities are drunk driving, speeding, inattention and drugs.

Most drivers do not respect and/or follow proper driving etiquette; for example speeding is something almost every driver does at some time.

78% of the population believes that people speed and only 12% of the population always follows the speed limit.

People believe that traffic in Hawaii contributes to bad driving. 47% of the population agrees that traffic in Hawaii creates aggressive behavior that causes drivers to speed.

People do not believe they will be in an accident, they believe they are good drivers and people who get into accidents are bad drivers.

Only 19% of people believe they will be in an accident.

Drivers behave as if bad driving is acceptable. Focus group participants talked about ongoing bad driving behavior: slow drivers occupying the left lane, people not signaling prior to changing lanes or turning, drivers who cut back and forth throughout traffic, driving too busy doing something else (like talking on their cell phone) to pay attention to traffic and no one really knowing what the specifics on laws.

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