Speed Kills

Excessive speed is the highest factor in fatal crashes on Oahu, resulting in 36 fatalities in 1999. Motorists’ chances of being seriously injured or even dying in a traffic crash double for every 10 mph they drive above 50 mph.

Who Speeds?

In a recent statewide survey initiated by the DOT, more than 50 percent of Hawaii drivers surveyed said they generally drive 5 miles per hour over the speed limit on the highway, while another 23 percent said they usually drive 10 mph above the limit.

About one third of Hawaii drivers speed in residential neighborhoods "often or sometimes." The most common reasons given for speeding were being late for a meeting, being in a hurry, or out of habit.

Speeding Costs All of Us

Aside from the incalculable cost in lives, it is estimated that the economic loss each year due to traffic crashes is more than $200 million — a cost of $300 to each person in Hawaii.

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