Cars have become an expensive item in our lives. Purchasing and then maintaining cars represent a sizable portion of our money and time; and our monthly budget usually reflects this investment. Yet, with the high level of attention we give to these cars, many car owners fail to take basic common sense precautions to protect their cars from car thieves, such as locking their cars and pocketing the keys. Car thieves prey upon the careless and the forgetful. This information will help you avoid being victimized and protect your investment. Practice prevention daily, protect your investment and make your community a safer place to live. (Excerpts from HPD's Auto Theft brochure)

Always Think Prevention

  • Many of the cars stolen on Oahu had the key in the ignition and most were unlocked. Remove the ignition key and secure all vents, doors and windows when it is necessary to leave your vehicle unattended. Remember: failure to remove the ignition key is a violation of the law if parked on public property.
  • "Hiding" spare keys under the carpeting or over a sun visor is about as clever as leaving a house key under the doormat. Thieves know all the obvious places to look.
  • Do not leave luggage, packages, or other easily removed items in view inside your automobile. Lock your property in the trunk. Doctors should always conceal their bags while away from their vehicles.
  • Avoid transferring items to the trunk of a vehicle at a location where it is parked. A thief may be watching. Checkbooks, credit cards, or other credentials which a thief could misuse should not be left in a car.

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