Air Bag Safety Tips

Kids ride in back.

Infants in rear-facing child safety seats should NEVER ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger-side air bag. Children five feet or shorter should also ride buckled up in the back seat.

Child safety seats.

Young children and infants should always ride in age- and size-appropriate child safety seats. The safety seat should be held properly in place by the vehicle's safety belts and the child should be correctly buckled in the child safety seat. A child who has outgrown a convertible child safety seat will need to ride in a booster seat in order for the vehicle's safety belts to fit properly.

Wear both lap AND shoulder belts.

The shoulder strap should cross the collarbone, and the lap belt should fit low and tight on the hips. The shoulder strap should never be slipped behind the back or under the arm.

Move the front seat back.

Drivers should position the seat as far away from the dashboard as is practical to operate the vehicle.

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