Safety Testing

595:20-3-1. General instructions

Every vehicle which is registered in this state, and operated on the streets and highways, is required to be inspected [47 O.S. §851].


(1) Manufactured homes.

(2) All new vehicles or chassis are exempt from this requirement when they are in transit from factory or factory branch to dealer, or from dealer's warehouse to storage plant, from his place of business to another when an exchange of new cars is in progress. When an exchange of a new car from one new car dealer to another is being made, the new car must be operated by an agent or employee of either company using the most direct route by the company and a written Dealer's Statement of Exchange must be in each vehicle.

(3) Ancient vehicles as defined in 47 O.S. §1-101.1.

(4) Any commercial truck or truck tractor registered pursuant to 47 O.S. §1120 and displays an apportioned (pro-rated) license plate.

(5) Any trailer or semi-trailer registered pursuant to 47 O.S. $1133 and displays a non-expiring license plate and is used in interstate commerce.

[Source: Amended at 11 Ok Reg 2355, eff 5-26-94]

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