Basic Speed Rule:

No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent considering the traffic, roadway and weather conditions. 13 AAC 02.2751

Statutory Speed Limit:

I. 65 MPH on specific sections of either (2) the Alaska interstate system or (2) outside of urbanized areas with populations ≥50,000. These highway sections are determined via engineering and traffic investigations. 13 AAC 02.280(a) & (b)1

II. 25 MPH in a residential area 13 AAC 02.275(b)(3)1

III. 20 MPH in a business district 13 AAC 02.275(b)(2)1

IV. 15 MPH in an alley 13 AAC 02.275(b)(1)1

Posted (Maximum) Speed Limit:

I. Based upon engineering and traffic investigations, the above speed limits, except for the 65 MPH limit, may be altered (increased or decreased).2 13 AAC 02.275(e) & 02.2801

II. Maximum safe speed limits may be established for bridges, elevated structures, tunnels and underpasses. 13 AAC 02.325(f)1

Minimum Speed Limit:

A person, driving at less than the maximum authorized speed of traffic, shall drive as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. 13 AAC 02.050(b)

Posted (Minimum) Speed Limit:


I. Maximum speed when towing a mobile home is 45 MPH. 13 AAC 02.325(b)1

II. Maximum speed in a marked public school or playground is 20 MPH 13 AAC 02.325(d)1

III. Maximum speed when passing a school displaying flashing yellow lights is 20 MPH 13 AAC 02.325(e)1

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